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Use and Throw

I was in love with a man whom I thought had the most purest soul on earth. His initial hesitation to propose me or even kiss me made me fall for him over and over again.

We worked in the same office so it was quite natural for us to travel to work together. After getting to know each other we started dating and life seemed all roses for the moment.

A few weeks down the lane he started controlling me, used my salary to buy things for himself and his friends; if I refused he used to either butter me up to give him the money or used to emotionally blackmail me by saying things like “I know you don’t love me anymore.” “Have you got fed up of me?” “Listen you if you want to be in a relationship with me then you have to do as I say.”

I was madly in love with him and fell prey to all his tricks. Every time we spent time together he only spoke about sex, blow jobs, hand jobs and what all I should do to satisfy him.

He portrayed himself as a Greek god and used to tell me how lucky I am to be his Girlfriend. Being the naive character I was, I used to feel blessed to have such a boyfriend.

One day he asked me to sleep with him but I refused plainly since I wanted to maintain my virginity till marriage. He tried pleading first and then started abusing me.

He even threatened me by saying that he shall commit suicide since I don’t love him anymore which is why I am not complying to his demands.

Eventually he said that we should break up since there was no fun in the relationship. So he asked me out for the last time and told me that the place was a special one. Little did I know what was in store for me.

As soon as we reached that place, he told me to close my eyes as he had something special for me and when I opened; he was standing stark naked in front of me ready to pounce.

He jumped on me, pinned me down, stuffed my face with cloth before kissing and biting my lips multiple times. He tore away my skirt and underwear and thrust himself into me in full force. I couldn’t even scream. I tried kicking him but to no use. He slapped me hard on my face, stripped my top and bra and bit all over my body.

After he was done with me, he just abused me and said “This is for not listening to me you B***ch. Hope this serves as a lesson for you. He left me to go home all alone and I couldn’t even complain or tell anyone because he recorded the whole thing in his camera and threatened me with dire consequences if I told anyone about it.

He never showed me his face again but till now I have not told anyone about it fearing the shame and blame the society will award me with.

From the land where I come, I cannot even say that I am not a Virgin anymore, I shall be victimized and blamed for the atrocity that unleashed on me.

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