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Vaseline Stepbrother

When I was in 2nd grade my mom had started dating this guy him and his 16 year old son had moved into the house with us. Everything was fine until he started house playing with me and my brother and his little sister one day we was all watching tv while he was in the room he called his little sister in the room she was in there for awhile he just told the boys to watch tv and he said one day..You next I didn’t understand what was going on but I knew it was bad i knew he wasn’t suppose to be doing that I never knew what the Vaseline was for but I knew it hurt..he didn’t care he kept doing this until we moved into another house by this time his dad was cheating on my mom with the lady down the street I played with her daughter..she use to come over to stay the night one day he laid between the middle of us and raped me then turned around and raped her…none of us never told too scared of what might have happened to us he threatened us that his sisters will beat us up. Then one day my mom caught her boyfriend in act with the neighbor then they left I never seen or heard from my “stepbrother” again one day I wish to see him and tell him how this goes threw my mind almost everyday just remember the Vaseline and how much it hurts. You can call me a survivor but I should of let someone know…but now i am.

— Alexis, age 19

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  • Alexis


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