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I don’t remember exactly how old I was when it started, or how long it lasted. I was a young teenager. I made a friend at my church. I started going to her house after church, then as we became closer, I spent more time with her and eventually going on camping trips with her family. At times, I would be alone with her father. He would talk to me and smile, then he would touch my breasts or put his hand on my crotch. I never told my parents or my friend…actually, I didn’t tell ANYONE!

As an adult I spoke about it to my husband and with therapists. Finally, last year, I told his nephew who was my youth pastor during the abuse. He believes me, and said someone had complained about his advances in another church in later years.

After watching the film, I feel validated. I would like to speak out even more. It would be very healing. Thank you for your support to all of us!

— Survivor, age 63

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