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Was I assaulted?

I’ve told people my story and they either completely ignore me or laugh about it – so I just want to know, was I assaulted? Am I looking too deep into this?
I was seeing a guy who I thought liked me back. We were hooking up but not having sex because I’m still a virgin and I wanted to save it for someone special. I told him that and he was okay with it (I think). As days went by, if I made a joke, disagreed about something, or if I didn’t want to do something he wanted me to do, he would choke me and also cover my mouth and nose to the point where I couldn’t breathe. I remember trying to pull his hands away from my face/neck and tell him that I couldn’t breathe but he would say “I don’t care” and continue to do it, harder. I finally left him and blocked him on everything. I ‘ghosted’ him because I felt he didn’t deserve an explanation. Months later I finally had the courage to tell a close friend and she completely ignored me. It’s like I never sent the text. She texted me back but it was about something totally different. I told another person about it and she told me to tell his friends so they were aware about him. I told his best friend that he assaulted me and all I got was “HAHAHAHAHA.” I don’t know anymore, am I overreacting? Did he really assault me? How come people don’t care? (Side note: he’s still blocked on my phone/social media but he’s been using his friends/anonymous numbers to call/text/snapchat me. I left him about 5 months ago and I’ll get calls/texts 2-3 times a month from his friends saying “sorry that was ****” i don’t know why he won’t leave me alone, he acts as if nothing happened. I’ve told him to leave me alone countless times – at this point I’m feeling harassed and I’m scared because he knows where I live).

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