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Was It Rape?

I was working a summer camp as a teacher and when the four weeks finished I went on a road trip with a friend from the camp. We were met in a campsite by our Supervisor in the camp. He was about 10 years older than us and I really looked up to him.

That night we pitched our tent in the campsite and went for a walk around the local town. I remember having two drinks in a local bar and then we returned to go to sleep. My supervisor told me what way to sleep with my back to him. My friend fell asleep quickly, but I was nervous and uncomfortable and so could not fall asleep. Sure enough after a while my supervisor started to masturbate against me, I was wearing pajama bottoms but he still managed to insert his penis into me from behind. I remember it was uncomfortable and I was paralyzed – I was in shock, frozen, I couldn’t move. He gripped my hips with his arm to steady me so that he could continue whatever it was he was doing. When he finished, he cleaned himself and after a time I snuck out of the tent. I was terrified and sat in the dark a few feet from the tent for hours. My friend had slept through the whole thing and so didn’t know what happened.

When I returned to the tent at daylight, he asked me where I had been. But, I was so traumatized. I couldn’t even speak to him properly. He started to tell my friend that I was crazy – so that when I finally had the chance to tell her, she wouldn’t believe me. She didn’t believe me.

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  • Cecilia Peck


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