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Was Raped

I am originally from Colombia, in South America. I was raised by a single woman. She always provided for us my sister and I. She always wants us to have things she never had. She decided when I was around 7 to get me a membership to the Boys Scouts. It was fun, had camps, friends and it was normal for a while, until in one of those nights the chief decided to start pretending that he was my absent father and he told me he would like to represent that figure. I was happy to have him as a father, the another kids always jump to hug him and see on him a great man. One day he told me that he needs to start showing me things that only man can do, women can’t.

He took my clothes off and started touching me, he pull his pants down and told me that I need to kiss first his mouth and then his genitals. He did it as well. He always repeat that I shouldn’t tell anyone about this because, specially women will feel jealous and will never accepted it. My mother was so happy that he was representing a father. She never knew what was happening until later in my life. He did it for more than four years and in one time I tried to speak up and he told me that no only my friends but specially my mother will feel shame and will not forgive me for doing this. He starting saying that everything that he was doing, was my fault and he couldn’t stop. When I was a teenager I never felt comfortable with girls and I start having relationships with boys. Only to feel guilty and by the end of the day dumped by them. High School was very difficult for me. Everybody bullied me about my tendencies by that time it was more evident. In 2000, I got very sick and I spoke again with my mother telling her everything that happened during all those years. She was very upset, asking me why I didn’t speak up? I was afraid, I didn’t want to cause any pain to her or my sister, who always was talking about how horrible guys who were gay will end. It was very difficult and still difficult for them to understand “my life style.”

Today, I am living in a healthy relationship in Rochester, NY. with another guy. We have a beautiful girl and we have a decent life.

I tried to speak with the colombian authorities about him, they never believed it. He still around kids, he has an organization who “help” kids in Colombia. He is married and have two boys. I confronted him but he said that it was my fault and told me that if I want that situation again, he will be very happy to bring back all those great memories.

Unfortunately, Colombia law isn’t strong as it is in another countries and people like him, are living a happy life without punishment. I can’t do much but I am hoping that if I couldn’t do anything, I believe God will.

Thank you for this movie and every time I have the opportunity to prevent this to another kids, I am the first one in provide some kind of help and as you know are many people out there who are screaming for help.


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