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When All Hope is Gone

I’ve been robed from my happily ever after. At 23 I met some one I thought was to be my prince. but he started with emotional abuse telling me how useless; stupid and pathetic I am. I run a way with him and got married to a monster because I started believing his lies that I’m so stupid and pathetic that no one else will want to be with me….

after just 4 months into the marriage the emotional abuse got so bad that I was so afraid of going any where. He would have party’s at home for his friend ( I had no friends with him) and then he would take me to the room wile they were there and raped me. I then had to get up and serve him and his friends after words and I’m not to speak to any one or look at them.

one day in 2001 I know I’m going to die at this mans hands and I picked up the phone where I worked and phoned my dad…. it took every thing I had to do this and begged him for forgiveness.. It took him 2 days of traveling to come and get me…. it took me 2 years to pay off my lawyer for the devour.

Now I’m a white women in South Africa living with AIDS and he robed me from ever having kids or a haply ever after with any one else.

I’m now working with my community helping where I can, running a small business from home, doing embroidery to pay my medical bills. Building a new life for me in silence for in my country white women do not get AIDS. ( I am brave but not that brave… we are being treated like dirt and I don’t think I can do more emotional abuse)

Linor I thank you for giving me that hope and courage to stand up and speak up, and never to give up.♥

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