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When I Was 7

When I was 7 years old I can remember so well that day. My other two sisters and I were part of a private swim club. We were separated because of our age group. My parents were there and then watching the practice for the next meet or competition. I asked the coach if I could go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and sat down in the stall. Then all of a sudden I saw a man coming toward me. I froze inside because I knew what was going to happen when I opened the stall door to leave. The man started shaking the door. I finally opened the door. The man pushed me over, bent one of my legs up, and pull my hair as he raped me.

I was frozen inside. I felt like my soul was outside my body. Then he stopped and I remember feeling outside of myself as I walked back out to the pool. I was just so frozen, but I went to the female coach and told her what happened. I remember the male swim coach, he ran over to my parents and explained to them what had just happened. My dad tried to run after the man, but he couldn’t catch him. Somehow I was able to remember what the man look like to tell the police and they did a drawing. But, I never received the counseling as I should have at the age. I do not blame my parents, but I do feel that my biological mother she swept it under the rug.

After I gave the police the drawing the family never talked about it again. It was like everything was supposed to go back to normal. But nothing was normal. I just happened upon this movie and if touched me so deeply. I want to thank Lino for her strength and her journey of healing.


  • Natalie
  • Alissa Ackerman


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