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When will it be enough?

Why is it not enough? Why is my reluctance not enough to make you stop? Why is my “no” not enough? Why is my “no no no” not enough? Why are my clawing, shoving, desperately-trying-to-pull-my-pants-up hands not enough? Why is my cry of “oh god make it stop, please make it stop” still not enough for you? Why are my tears not enough?
Why do I have to be violated and then told that I’m too young to recognize that women want a man who “takes charge in the bedroom”? Why does this have to happen over and over and over again all over the world? I am heartbroken for all my sisters who have endured the same pain. It is not fair that we have lost pieces of our souls after these monsters. It is not fair that the gaping wounds attract more predators, like sharks drawn to blood in the water, who tear open the wounds ever deeper.

It is not fair that we have to live like this. Scream it from the top of the mountains until even the deaf can hear you, be so loud and annoying that they will have no choice but to change the system. Until it becomes unacceptable to violate another human. Until the victim will always be believed. Until the consequences of this crime will be so severe that no one would dare think of committing it. Until the act itself will become disgusting and unattractive, something from the stone ages, something that people used to do when they were more savage and less human.

— Survivor, age 21


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