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Why me?

You hear about it all the time: the girl that was raped at a frat party at her college, the one who met the guy she thought was nice. My story is a little different because I said yes…at first. I was drunk and had met this guy at the bar near my college campus. We hit it off and hung out and got each other’s numbers but when the bar closed we went our separate ways. Then he texted me saying he couldn’t find a ride home and could he come over and hang out. I said yes. He seemed nice enough. I didn’t realize that when he went to lay in my bed he was assuming I’d follow. But I did. Then he took of his pants and mine followed. I said yes at first but then it hurt too much and I told him to stop. He didn’t. He didn’t let me move away and kept going until he finished. All I could process was the blood. I’m not a virgin but there was so much blood. I went to the hospital and they did a rape kit. I’m still so confused what’s going on through my head and I’m struggling to process it all.

— Survivor, age 24

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