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Raped and Never Forgotten

I was 18 and went to a so called friends house that I have known for 16 years. It was her birthday and she brings over two of her guy cousins and 3 girls. Everyone had been drinking a large amount and smoking but me .. I decided not to but had one small glass of vodka with orange juice. I am not a light weight so normally after just one drink I would remember it all but this time was different. It was almost as if I immediately took a sip and was stumbling everywhere, slurring, and repeating I wasn’t drunk although everyone thought I was. We had left and I clearly remember having needing two people helping me to the car,inside the house, and after that BAM that was it…or so I thought.

I woke up with my underwear over my pants as if whoever it was tried putting my clothes back on but did it backwards and didn’t finish, shirt and bra up, had been urinated on everywhere chest etc…and had semen all down me. Disgusted I stood up panicking and clothed myself fast and went to the bathroom. I felt so disgusted I took a shower immediately. I regret that cause I wish I would of got a rape kit. It was then I realized the person who did this to me drugged me. Used me and left me there like a piece of trash.

Years later, if I was to think about it now I can honestly say pieces are starting to come to me I am remembering more,but can’t do anything about it. It has ruined a huge part of my life because of the innocence it stripped from me. I want others to know your not alone and if you can reach out to others. Don’t wait. There’s always someone that will listen

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