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Brother Abused

When I was about 6, my 12-year-old brother ordered me to take off my pants, and proceeded to rape me. Of course, I didn’t know what he was doing, I just had to obey him.
He had me have intercourse fairly regularly, even just taking me to his room when our parents were home. I would often expect it when I got home from school, or if he got home from a date having not “Gotten Some.”

Later, I found out what sexual intercourse was, but it never occurred to me that I could stop it by telling someone. It was just easier on me to spend a few minutes letting him do it, and then I was free.

It continued until he was 19, and I was 13. Not that he stopped, he had gotten in trouble for breaking into a place, and the Police searched his room. Not only recovering stolen items, he had recorded All of our sessions together, and had hundreds more with other girls. They charged him with Statutory Rape, and Producing and Possession of Child Pornography. I did not Testify against him, but it didn’t matter with the recordings.

He can’t do it anymore, and not for at least another 10 years or so. I do not visit him. I guess that being that it started so young, that it doesn’t effect me as deeply as some, though I must admit that when a date first asked me for sex, I just kind of let him, and a number of others subsequently, though I have been accused of just lying there if I wasn’t excited about it!

Thank you, BMW for listening to people!
Bless you too!

— Ivy, age 21


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